The Next Prime Minister

Recently, there’s been a lot of talks about who’ll likely be the next Prime Minister. There’s even a non-official survey to chose from a number of PAP members of parliament. Result of the survey showed Tharman Shanmugaratnam, current Deputy Prime Minister, as the overwhelming preferred choice.

Ape is simply baffled by all these talks. Suggestive in these talks is that, (1) there will be a change of PM before the next election or (2) PAP will win and continue to be the ruling party at the next General Election and (3) citizens have a say in the appointment of the Prime Minister.

Going by the looks of things and how PAP rebound strongly from GE2011 to GE2015, how PAP has been the incumbent all these years and we’ve yet to see anyone or any party who is ready to take over governmentship, it’s not surprising that PAP will win the next election. The question remains at how many seats will they secure. It is also unlikely that we’ll see a change in PM before the next GE. Lee Hsien Loong might have momentarily collapsed during this year’s National Day Rally but subsequent medical checks gave him a clean bill of health. What’s really presumptuous is that citizens have a say in who we think should be the next PM.

According to Article 24 of Singapore’s Constitution, it is the President to appoint a member of parliament from amongst the members of parliament who in his judgement commands the confident from the majority of the members of parliament. President don’t have to consult CPA. President don’t have to seek anyone’s opinion. President, as far as the law provides for, only need to exercise his judgement. So if you so wish or prefers a particular person to be the next PM, make sure you vote for a President who can make a sound judgement in the coming Presidential Election due next year.


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I'm just an orang utan, ranting and sharing about life in Singapore. Take whatever I wrote with a pinch of salt.
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