Foreign Sports Talent Scheme

Ape is never into sports. Be it playing, training for, betting or merely watching. However, it’s hard to ignore Singapore’s first Olympic Gold medallist Joseph Schooling. Well done Joseph! Be very thankful you have supportive parents who have faith in you to go against all odds.  Not that other parents are less supportive or trusting. While the nation beam with pride over Joseph’s achievement (to the extent some shamelessly tried to take credit or steal the limelight), there’s also much talk about local vs foreign sports talents. The latter took Ape to read about the Foreign Sports Talent Scheme (FSTS). Ape of course has heard and read about foreign sports talents like… what’s her name? 

Anyway, Ape has no issues with foreign born sports talent  (or any foreign born talent for that matter) to be trained, sponsored, representing, and eventually naturalised to be Singaporean, by using tax payers money. However, Ape is against any policies that seems to exclusively help foreign talents. It seems that FSTS is meant for foreigners. Can’t it simply be Sports Talent Scheme? Ape is not suggesting resources be thrown in to everyone and anyone who aspire to be a sports talent. Ape suppose there are some criteria to qualify for this scheme and why locals cannot be subject to the same criteria and those who met such criteria benefit from the scheme?


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I'm just an orang utan, ranting and sharing about life in Singapore. Take whatever I wrote with a pinch of salt.
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