What’s In An NMP?

If you have not read about it, Administration of Justice (Protection) Bill has been passed. Ape is not going to discuss the merits or demerits of this bill but rather the unexpected turn of decision made by 3 NMPs. The 3 NMPs initially supported a group of petitioners to stand against the passing of this bill, only to make an about turn at the last instance when this bill was debated in parliament. Not only they withdrew the petition  (did they consult the petitioners?), they also voted in favour of the bill.

Regardless whether one supports the bill or not, the fact that they took up the role on behalf of those petitioners means it is no longer a collective decision of the threesome but one of the group of over two hundred petitioners. Ape would assume that prior to taking the petition to parliament, they should have thought thoroughly before doing so. If there were doubts and reservations, the ethical approach should be one to decline and let the petitioners look for someone who can support them all the way.

Ape is reminded of one ex NMP, Siew Kum Hong or more fondly remembered as Botak Siew who stood up to repeal S377A of the Penal Code. He did have reservations initially and S377A (a law that makes homosexual act a crime in Singapore, even with consenting adults in their own privacy) has nothing to do with him since he is not a gay. In fact, he revealed in parliament that he was slightly homophobic. However, he took the effort to understand what the issues were all about and when he decided to take it up to parliament, he went all the way to debate in details and comprehensively on why he thinks S377A should be repealed. We know what’s the outcome (S377A still stands in our law) but Ape thinks Botak Siew has earned the respect and trust of many people in that episode.


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I'm just an orang utan, ranting and sharing about life in Singapore. Take whatever I wrote with a pinch of salt.
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